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international boulevard. these are security cameras meant to deter criminals and help solve crimes after they are committed. this effort was inspired by the murder of this man, jesus chuy campos. he owned the restaurant on this corner a fixture for decades. he was shot while opening the restaurant on april 8. miss murderer hasn't been caught. there was a security camera six doors down from the restaurant that could have caught the shooter running away but it was pointing in the other direction. so these new cameras are a major improvement. >> you think it will make you feel safer? >> i do. i think it will be safer for everybody. >> i think wherever they have cameras, people feel safer. >> reporter: today the first of 17 cameras is up here on international boulevard. 13 more will be installed above foothill and fruitvale. they are high resolution cameras and have the ability to
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zoom in on faces and license plates. it's just recording video. there is no live feed. and the cameras are actually owned by the city to the cost of $70,000 for the lot of them. and in exchange, the merchants here have to give keys to the police to their businesses so police could have access to that video at any point in time. the city is having a big unveiling ceremony later on this afternoon to talk a little bit more about these cameras. elizabeth? >> okay. anne makovec live for us this morning in oakland. thanks. san jose police chief chris moore remains under pressure from immigrant rights activists. they are upset about chief moore's decision to get help from two agents from i.c.e. the two agents specialize in dealing with gangs. chief moore says their role would be limited to gang investigations and they will not randomly seek out illegal immigrants. critics will hold a press conference this morning to explain their distrust of
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i.c.e. and the consequence of the program. nasa ames at moffett field played key roles in the three decades of the space shuttle program. this morning the center will host a special news conference with the atlantis astronauts as they are on the final mission of the shuttle program. anser hassan joins us from moffett field with more. >> reporter: these are famous last words. light that engine one more time. with that, atlantis took off last week. they have been in space for a week. the reason it's historic is because this is the last time the shuttle goes into space. i'm joined by jack jack boyd from the nasa center. >> thank you. >> explain to us what is the mission of this crew up in space now in atlantis. >> the mission primarily is to bring supplies that would last
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a year both food and equipment so that the -- we can still use the space station in the future and to do some space science biological research. >> now, they have been up in space for about a week. what's the progress? have they been doing a good job? everybody going according to plan? >> according to this morning's report they have been doing a great job and everything is on schedule. >> reporter: when you heard those famous last words, light this engine one more time, you have been with the space program since 1947, what were your thoughts and emotions knowing this is the last time going up? >> much like with apollo the last time. it was exciting but we into we had something else coming up. i think this is the beginning of a new era. we'll be doing research and sending people into space for the next several decades. and we have a real exciting mission left for nasa ames and for the agency itself. >> what would some of that include? >> that would include missions to mars, our robotic missions to mars. commercial space that will be the near earth orbit activity. and we have been given the
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mission of looking to go to asteroids as well as unmanned missions to mars. >> mr. boyd, thank you for joining us this morning. >> reporter: again, last -- this is the final week that the space shuttle will be up in space. later this morning, the astronauts in space will be speaking to us. we'll have live coverage of that later on in the broadcast. grace? >> all right, thanks a lot, anser hassan at moffett field. we want to take you to live pictures. this is in florida. casey anthony was acquitted of murder but she still has legal problems. and right now, a defamation case against her is ongoing. zenaida gonzalez is suing anthony because she says that a babysitter by the same name had kidnapped her 2-year-old daughter caylee and now this defamation case is ongoing. time now 5:04. let's get another check of traffic and weather. we are hoping for some sunshine
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later on this weekend. good morning, kristy. >> i can promise a little bit of sunshine today. warm weather, different story. we are still going to be cool. this morning, though, we are clear in some locations. you can see up in parts of the north bay inland. around the bay seeing cloud cover and the coastline seeing some low clouds as well although not seeing as much drizzle as we have seen earlier this week. temperatures outside pretty similar neighborhood to neighborhood. 57 for oakland and fremont. 56 in livermore. and 57 in redwood city. highs for today, pretty similar to where we were sitting yesterday. 75 is the high in fairfield. 70 for livermore. 65 in oakland. santa rosa is going to 74. 61 for the city and 69 for redwood city. a look at your extended forecast is coming right up. but over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. well, we're off to a good start. we had reports a couple of minutes ago of a minor accident at red top. all our bay area freeways are looking good. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. here's live look at the bay
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bridge upper and lower deck. clear both directions. if you head out of san francisco look out for some roadwork on the lower deck also south 238 between hesperian and 580. the 405 freeway in los angeles, officials are warning this weekend since the closure of the 405, it will be shut down in both directions for two days starting tonight at 7:00. actually ail little more than that. it opens up again on monday. they are advising people as a travel warning not to access the 405 or even head to southern california on this road because of this closure. they are expecting big backups in the area. people are going to be using alternates. if you live in l.a., people are being asked to stay home. the 405 will be shut down all weekend for a 10-mile stretch in los angeles. so if you are, you know, making your way down there, may the force be with you. that's traffic. back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> good luck. >> l.a. has become a pariah, don't go! more money for illegal immigrants living in california. the stash of cash state
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lawmakers opened up to them. and at&t park is transforming. the big shift from baseball to soccer. and the new netflix rate fallout. what the company is telling angry customers. but what hapn you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah.
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good morning. well, they just finished a lane change at the golden gate bridge and you can see not a lot of cars on the road right now, definitely friday light. we'll have a look at the south bay coming up. but right now back to you. >> thank you. an undocumented immigrant student will likely have an easier time paying for college under a new state law. ab130 passed the state senate yesterday and governor brown is expected to sign it. it lets students who pay in state tuition collect privately funded school lar ships even if they are in the country
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illegally. a group estimates be there now 25,000-dollar students who are undocumented. >> for a lot of the -- 25,000 students who are undocumented. >> for a lot of students it will mean graduating versus graduation. >> this is my situation. did i not ask for it. but i really do want to make i better -- i really love california. it is the only home i have ever known. [ crying ] i hope people understand that. >> once the law goes into effect, she will be able to attend san jose state or uc- merced. she has already been accepted to both. a boy from brentwood is the fourth east bay child in just four months to fall out of a second-story window. the 5-year-old suffered a broken leg after opening a window and leaning against the screen and falling out. last month a 2-year-old boy in antioch fractured his skull in a fall and 10 days earlier a 4- year-old boy in antioch suffered a head injury. also a a 1-year-old fremont girl was unhurt in april
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because ivy broke her fall. the home of the giants will look a little different for the next few days. >> that's right. yesterday crews began the process of converting at&t park into a soccer field. tomorrow manchester city will take on club america. it's part of the herbalife world football challenge a tournament around the u.s. and british columbia. >> it's a world series champion venue with two of the best teams in the world playing here so pretty exciting to have that here in the bay area. >> this will be the first soccer match at at&t park since march of 2005, and do not forget this sunday, the u.s. women's soccer team taking on the japanese in the world cup finals. >> do not forget, 11:45. >> i'll be watching. time now 5:11. forget the wwf. meet some men taking part in
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the new extreme sport of shark wrestling. >> plus the new music service from europe. how it is stacking up against itunes. and a pretty nice day to take off out of sfo. you will see a few low clouds out there and temperatures similar to yesterday. only making it to a high of 63 at the airport. if you are heading east, it's going to be warmer in chicago making it to 83 degrees there. partly sunny conditions. so nice day in chicago and we are going to see even nice weather as we make our way farther east. 85 and sunny. a full look at your bay area forecast is coming up in just a bit. ,,,,
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oakland's fruitvale neighborhood gets more security. thirty cameras are installed to help keep a store owner wa in the headlines, oakland's fruitvale neighborhood gets more security. 30 cameras will be installed to help keep an eye on the area where a store other than was gunned down in april. congressional leaders are not meeting with the president today for more discussions on raising the nation's debt ceiling. sped, they are going to be monitoring the mood of their party's lawmakers about the various ideas being kicked around. the president, though, will hold a news conference this morning. you can see it right here on cbs 5 starting at 8 a.m. and the finale of the harry potter film is now out in
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theaters. people waited all day yesterday in the bay area to see that opening show at midnight. this is the 8th harry potter movie in ten years. >> we have traffic and weather. >> this morning cloudy throughout the bay area. inland partly cloudy, coast cloudy and 50s for the most part. mild inland. cooler in the 60s and breezy and seeing breezy conditions at the coast. clear for the most part right now in the north bay in some parts of the east bay you can see along the bay shores and also along the coastline here. the clouds are definitely in the picture although we should see them pull back a little bit
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by this afternoon. so this area of low pressure still seeing it in the bay area and that's bringing us cooler temperatures as highs. gradual warming through next week. temperatures today looks like this. 68 in mountain view. 71 campbell and 66 for san mateo. concord topping out at 72, also 72 for creek. 64 in hayward. mill valley 67. vallejo 72. fairfield at 75. so you can see a little bit warmer today than yesterday and a slight warming as we make our way into the weekend and then by next workweek the real warmup happens. that's when we'll hit 90. finally what everybody has been looking forward to by the middle of the next workweek. that's the forecast. gianna has the traffic.
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>> ace train number one 5 to 10 minutes late. plan for that. bart, muni, caltrain on time systemwide. westbound 80 at red top a heads up we have an accident two cars involved. it's a fender bender no injuries off to the right shoulder and you can see lots of green so no major delays through the area. roadwork southbound hesperian and 580 clear through that area, slow and go as you make the connector there. 880 looking good, as well. south bay problem-free. no delays along 101 in san jose. if you are taking 280, also problem-free. just a few cars out there on the roadway but so far no delays through downtown san jose. guadalupe parkway had troubles yesterday but today northbound 87 clear between 85 to 280 also no delays along 101 and 280. 92 no problems but 880 connector to 92 reports of construction should be cleared within the next 15 minutes.
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check in remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. netflix responds to angry customers over news prizes rose about 60%. their customers continue to order dvds and they are not using the internet streaming services as much as an continue paid the. it's cheaper to send it online than through the mail so netflix is raising the cost of their dvd service. that's their explanation. now there is a new music service following the netflix model and millions of europeans love it. >> that's right. now they are opening for business in the states. we have a report on how it measures up to services like itunes. >> reporter: the hottest neft music site in europe is open for business here in the u.s. after years of delays spotify launched its music streaming service tuesday morning welcoming its new audience with
5:20 am
a simple greeting but for now you can't log on with an invitation. you need an invite from the company, sponsor or current user in beta test mode. it's popular because it's free but there is a catch. you will have to pay for songs you want to keep much like itunes. but you can listen to all you want in the streaming music area for relatively cheap. the service lets users listen to free for its library of 15 million songs for a total of 20 hours a month. after that, $5 will get you a month's worth of unlimited listening with no advertisement. but that's only on your computer. if you want the unlimited service on your smart phone or mobile device as well, it will be $10 a month. spotify is teaming up with big names including coca-cola, chevy, motorola, reebok and ipad's only newspaper the daily. these brands will be rolling out campaigns with spotify in the coming weeks and months and with 10 million registered users in europe, it could be a big hit here in the u.s., as
5:21 am
well. in new york, i'm allison. >> thanks. 5:20. president obama versus justin bieber? whose job do you want? >> plus, fed up and taking matters into her own hands, how this woman is waging a war against speeders. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cherie williams is sick and cloudy this morning but sunshine is in store later this afternoon. san francisco will be 60, oakland 65 mix of sun and clouds in both those places. san jose and concord sunny and 70s. she is 71 but she wants you to drive 25. sharon williams is sick and tired of people ignoring the speed limit along mount mckinley drive. the residential street where she lives in san jose -- look how cute she is. she understands police are shorthanded because of budget cuts so she is taking matters with a little kick in the step into her own hands. >> i know it's fast enough that if some child ran out into the street after the ball or something, they would be dead. that's how fast they are going.
5:25 am
>> some drivers make obscene gestures. williams hopes the city will get them to slow down. >> i have a feeling you don't want to mess with her. what you would do if you came face to face with a shark? >> scream! swim away. >> run. swim the other direction. >> exactly. but there's one thrill seeking kayaker in santa barbara who reeled one in, wrestled it with his bare hands. >> you have to lean away, lean away! >> an 8-foot-long thresher shark dragged the santa barbara fisherman overboard but the man still held on to the tail under water and eventually got back into the kayak unhurt after a half hour fight. it's different when you're in a boat. but in a kayak, that's hard core. >> and the point would be? >> now he has a story to tell. >> when it comes to having a
5:26 am
famous person's job for one day, whose would you pick? president obama or justin bieber? >> most people would pick president obama's job, 33%. interesting, i hear will ferrell came in second the comedian. justin bieber and tom brady tied as the least popular choices among men. >> president obama's job is so difficult right now. >> maybe you confuse the job for the man? >> first lady michelle obama was a top pick following lady gaga. >> why congress remains divided on the debt talks. >> plus, changes coming to california classrooms. the new lessons schools are required to start teaching.
5:27 am
and more eyes on the streets of oakland in the digital forum. we'll tell you what inspired this new installation of security cameras. coming up next. live pictures of the crew on the space shuttle atlantis. we have a live press conference with them straight ahead. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents
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average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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and i'm elizabeth wenger frank has the morning off. time is 5:00 if cool good morning. it's july 15. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. it is 5:30. >> it's cool outside. it's dryer, though. >> a little drier, not seeing that drizzle at the coastline. that was significant earlier in the week. temperatures mild for the most part. 57 in oakland and fremont. 57 in redwood city. the coastal locations not warming up a lot from now. but there is warmth and sunshine in store for later. i'll tell you about that in a bit. over to gianna with traffic. >> thank you. good morning. let's check on mass transit right now where we have ace train delays. number one running about 6 minutes behind. so do plan for that. the rest of mass transit is all on time. we'll have a look at the construction zone in the marin county area. right now back to you guys. >> thank you. police have a new way to watch your every move in a high
5:31 am
crime area of the east bay. anne makovec is in oakland where new cameras were installed in fruitvale. >> reporter: i'm here on international boulevard. you can see a security camera on this restaurant here behind me one of several that have been in the neighborhood for some time. but now 30 new cameras are coming in meant to deter criminals and solve crimes after they're committed. there is a reason they are being installed around the restaurant. this effort was inspired by the murder of jesus campos. he owned this astronaut otez, a fixture in the neighborhood for decades and he was shot while opening the restaurant on the morning of april 8. his murderer hasn't been caught. this was a security camera six doors down that could have caught the shooter running away, but it happened to be pointing the other direction. a major frustration for the whole neighborhood. >> we knew him personally so it
5:32 am
hit us personally. >> it's frustrating to know that someone can actually commit this murder and still be walking among us. >> reporter: so today the first of 17 cameras is up on international boulevard. 13 more will be installed above foothill and fruitvale making the total of 30. these are high resolution cameras. they have the ability to zoom in on faces and license plates. they are recordings, not live feeds being watched 4/7. they cost $70,000. the merchants have to give police keys to the businesses to retrieve the tapes at any time. the goal is to solve crimes as soon as possible. they are thinking the tape will help them do so. >> do you know when they will have all the cameras installed by? >> reporter: no. i think it's going to be a slow rollout over the next few days or weeks. but we are going to hear more
5:33 am
today from the city. they are having a pig rollout event. the mayor is going to be here and what not so we'll have more information. a crash sent a car plowing into a house in san francisco. last night, three cars and a motorcycle collided at clayton and twin peaks. one of those cars landed upside- down on top of another car. one person is in critical condition. building inspectedders are check the integrity of the house. immigrants continue to put pressure on san jose police chief chris moore upset about his decision to get help from two agents from the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. the two agents specialize in dealing with gangs. chief moore says their role will be limited to gang investigations and will not randomly seek out illegal immigrants. critics plan to hold a press conference this morning to explain immigrants' distrust of i.c.e. and the consequences of this new program.
5:34 am
another landmark bill signed into law in california. this time, public schools will now be required to cover the contributions of the gay community in social studies class. it makes california the first state in the union to require this curriculum. governor brown signed it an issued a statement saying history should be honest. the bill's author state senator mark leno says teaching gay history in schools will teach students to be more accepting of homosexuals. it will take several years to determine what those lesson plans will be. this fall, hundreds of thousands of uc students will have to dig deeper into their pocketbooks to pay for a college education. demonstrators dressed in disney costumes to protest yesterday were angry that a uc regent sits on the board of the walt disney company which they say accepts tax breaks. the regents said they had no choice if you would approve a 9.6% increase. that is on top of an 8%
5:35 am
increase already approved. now undergrads will have to pay more than $12,000 a year. a brand-new california law will likely help college students who are up documented immigrants. -- undocumented immigrants after passing the state senate yesterday and the governor will sign it. it lets students who pay in state tuition collect privately funded school lar ships even if they are illegals. an immigrant rights groups estimates there are 25,000 students who are undocumented. >> this will help more students graduate. >> i love california. it is the only home i have ever known. [ crying ] >> and i hope people can understand that. >> a student told us that once the law goes into effect, she will be able to attend san jose state or uc-merced already accepted to both. president obama is not meeting with congressional leaders today for more
5:36 am
discussions on raising the nation's debt ceiling. yesterday's session ended without an agreement. instead house and senate leaders are monitoring the mood of the party's lawmakers to get an idea how they may vote. fed chairman ben bernanke warns of dire consequences if politicians don't get a deal approved before that august 2 deadline. jobs, interest rates, credit, availability of government payments, benefits, all those things would be affected in relatively short order. >> standard & poor's officials say that there is a 50% chance that it will downgrade the u.s. government's credit rating within three months. president obama will hold a news conference this morning. you can watch it right here on cbs 5 at 8 a.m. nasa ames at moffett field has been an important part of the space shuttle program. this morning. research center will host a special conference from space with the atlantis astronauts who are of course on the last
5:37 am
ever shuttle mission. and our anser hassan joins us now from moffett field. good morning. >> reporter: this is a very exciting morning and an exciting week in space. take a look at the live pictures behind me. this astronaut that you see is rex walheim. he is the local astronaut from san carlos on board the u.s. space shuttle atlantis that blasted off last week what makes this trip so historic is that this is the last time the u.s. space shuttle goes into space. their mission? to supply spare parts to the international space station. the crew took off last week. this run will close three decades of both triumph and tragedy for the u.s. space program. it's the 130th flight since the inaugural mission in 1981. we spoke with senior advisors to ames jack boyd. he says all is going according to plan. >> according to this morning's report, they are doing a great job and everything is on schedule right now, yes.
5:38 am
>> reporter: there's going to be live press conference with the astronauts. this has been set up, these microphones and headsets so we can talk with the -- so we can talk with the astronauts around 6:0. back to you. >> thank you. the weekend is practically here so you want to know how weather is shaping up, how traffic is shaping up? we have people in the know. >> yes. absolutely. sunshine is all you need to know about in the inland locations. right now cloud cover along the coast and the bay shores. some clearing though in parts of the north bay and east bay. in afternoon it's going to be pretty although definitely keeping it below average for this time year. those temperatures you can see the range of where we are today compared to where we should be, from 7 degrees to 16 degrees below average. there is a warmup in store. i'll tell you about that in a
5:39 am
bit. but first gianna has traffic. >> we have slightly slower speeds throughout marin county. early-morning roadwork hopefully will be wrapping up within the next few minutes but look at this yellow on our sensors. sluggish south of 37 as you work your way out of novato through san rafael so give yourself some extra time there. again, all that should be cleared by 6:00. if you are heading to the golden gate bridge, no problems. everything light -- friday light in fact as we head into san francisco. we are dealing with ace train delays, as well. about a six-minute delay right now for ace train number one. but bart, muni, caltrain all right on time. back to you. >> thank you. this is apractice poe because they call her the enforcer. how one bay area senior has declared war on speeders. >> avoid the area. or just stay home. >> plus, it is the final countdown to carmageddon. how people are getting out of town before the 405 freeway is shutting down. ,,,,,,,,
5:40 am
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will it be nice with warm temperatures? the answer is yes. a gradual warming trend is on the way but this morning still have cloud cover out there, a little gray as you can see in this shot from our roof. sunshine is going to pop through a little later on especially in the inland locations. as you make your way out the door this morning, partly cloudy start inland. around the bay low clouds like we saw in the picture and at the coast cloudy start, as well. temperatures right now sitting in the 50s. by this afternoon, warming up inland to the mid-70s so we are going to see some sunshine there at the bay. keeping it cooler in the mid- 60s. breezy conditions as well at the bay. same story for the coast and at the coastline we are going to see clouds throughout the afternoon. not quite the amount of sunshine we are seeing in other
5:43 am
locations. this area of low pressure still keeping us cool. highs build in bringing hot weather to the rest of the country. it's going to bring us warmer temperatures. but it's not going to be until a few days out. still contending with those below seasonal temperatures. if you are heading out this weekend here's the temperatures today. mostly sunny making it to 80. lake tahoe beautiful day in store, mostly sunny skies 71. eureka cooler only to 62 today. it's going to be hot in fresno mostly sunny skies at 87. yosemite going to make it to 80. local highs cooler, 75 fairfield, 70 livermore, 65 oakland, pacifica cool and breezy at 59 and san jose 71. your extended forecast, gradual warmup a few degrees bumping up for the weekend and then the real warmup starts next week. so temperatures climbing mid- 80s to high 80s and then finally hitting 90 that everybody has been waiting for. great weekend to head to
5:44 am
sacramento for the first weekend of the california state fair. should be beautiful weather there this weekend. sunny conditions and it will be about 84 degrees. so enjoy a deep fried twinkie or a ride or th ferris wheel. >> gianna has traffic. >> let's go to petaluma, southbound 101 at washington an accident blocking the right lane. it should clear in a few minutes, no injuries. traffic okay as you work your way through there. still friday light now. south of there though we are dealing with some slight delays. this is just south of southbound 101 south of 37 into san rafael. they have some overnight construction. should be wrapping up within the next 10 to 15 minutes. so things should clear here shortly. heading towards the golden gate bridge, not bad. in fact, traffic light into san francisco. now 10 minutes south 101 from 37 to 580. it was 15 minutes earlier so it's getting better. ace train number one still
5:45 am
about 7 minutes behind. bart, caltrain, muni on time. but ace train just running with some slight delays. westbound 80 at red top we had an accident on the right shoulder. no delays both directions of 80. eastshore freeway looking good as well towards the bay bridge. 880 not bad. we had some earlier roadwork near 92. all that's been wrapped up. lots of green on our roads there and if you plan on taking 92 out of hayward, so far, so good right now about 13 to 14 minutes to go between 880 and 101. 101 along the peninsula also problem-free. here's live look at the bay bridge. the upper deck heading into san francisco, no delays. metering lights are off at the toll plaza. things are very light as you approach the pay gates. and pretty clear as you work your way on the lower deck heading into oakland. we have that roadwork off fourth street headed towards the skyway but that should wrap up in the next couple of minutes. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's get a check of your morning's top stories. 30 new cameras will be
5:46 am
keeping watch over oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the city has installed 17 of them in the area where a shop owner was shot to death in april. the new oakland city budget means for job cuts. 56 city employees are on the way out this month. the police department could lose 48 officers next year. harry potter fans were out overnight to see the final film in the series. it is the 8th harry potter movie. the film collected $32 million in advance ticket sales. well, it is being called carmageddon. a major freeway artery in los angeles is about to close for the entire weekend. and kirk hawkins is live at the 405 in los angeles. kirk, it just seems like everyone is thinking like this is going to be the end of the world down there. >> reporter: you know, a lot of people have been preparing for this for months, elizabeth. and now it's finally here. we're all waiting for 7:00 this evening to come around and now that we have daybreak we can see the mulholland bridge behind us in place and ready to
5:47 am
go. workers have been here putting those final preps in place. in fact, last night, they went down all of the dirt that's below the bridge. they say that will help them with this demolition process. that's all scheduled to begin later on this evening at 7:00. that's when they are set to shut down ramps here along the 405. now, before all of that and as all of that continues, there is a ton of massive construction equipment that is on standby. it is ready to go. we are talking about saws and cranes and other pieces of equipment that are ready to go even as we speak. actually, take a look to the right where we are. there are some road closure signs that these workers are putting in place. so everything so far, so good. but, of course, the real test begins later on this evening. >> and kirk, you know, what if someone has an emergency like the hotels near some of the hospitals, are they filling up? >> reporter: you know what's incredible is there's an estimated 250 people that are
5:48 am
scheduled to work nearby at ucla medical center this weekend. all of the doctors and the nurses are staying at the dorms on campus because they were worried that they might not be able to make it to work on time. of course, there's a lot of other people that live on the west side of los angeles as well as the san fernando valley. and they are all making alternate plans. some people are staying home. but others are planning to go out of town as far away as palm springs, orange county, san diego. other people going up to santa barbara for the weekend to try to avoid this. but, of course, a lot of local businesses are hoping that people will just stay home and give them kind of a nice little economic boost of sorts. >> okay. we're hearing threats of 64- mile-long traffic jams. i guess we have to wait and see if any of these dire predictions actually come true. kirk hawkins. >> reporter: that's rig. it all depends on how things go on sunday. we'll see what happens. >> it will be interesting. just a couple of days without cars in los angeles. the end of the world!
5:49 am
[ laughter ] >> kirk, thank you. it's the opposite problem here. there is a woman in san jose who says she is sick and tired of drivers speeding on her street so she is doing what she can to slow them down. the speed limit is 25 on mount mckinley drive a residential street on the east side. but cherie williams says too many people speed. she is transforming herself into a human speed limit sign. >> i know it's fast enough that if some child ran out in the street after their ball or something, they would be dead. that's how fast they are going. >> some drivers are taking offense and waving obscene gestures at her but she says most are appreciative of what she is doing walking out there every day. williams hopes that it is enough to get the city's attention for all of them to slow down. she got a couple of thumbs up there. >> she has a couple of fans.
5:50 am
time now 5:49. the san bruno pipeline explosion sparks more lawsuits. >> i felt a little something on the back of my head and then looked up and there was a bird. >> yikes. it is angry birds. the real life edition that's creepy. how a blackbird has terrorized a downtown street. that's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:52 on this friday. kristy is predicting warmer weather. pg&e will be required to provide firefighters with maps of their facilities. that is a new rule from the
5:53 am
state public utilities commission. they will be required to give the puc records of shutoff valves. that's in the wake of the san bruno pipeline explosion. the list of people suing pg&e over that explosion is growing. the "san mateo county times" reports 18 more families from the neighborhood filed suit this week. at last on top of more than 100 others already in the courts. 8 people were killed in last september's explosion. and 40 homes were destroyed. we have heed lines from around the bay area. a man from southern california faces murder charges for the traffic collision which killed a santa cruz mother of four. prosecutors say that 28-year- old eric weers intentionally drove the wrong way on highway 17 on monday afternoon. weers was not hurt in the head- on collision. he is scheduled to be arraigned this month. in santa rosa a public memorial service will be held today for the teenaged girl who died last weekend from alcohol-
5:54 am
related causes. 14-year-old takeimi rao was an a student who was about to start high school. she and three friends drank vodka and soda on saturday night. she was found dead in her bedroom sunday morning. today's service is at 2 p.m. at saint eugene's cathedral in santa rosa. it is now 5:54. we'll get another check of traffic and weather. first over to kristy with a check of your weekend forecast. >> sunshine in store. temperatures keeping those cool. we can see we start to warm up for the weekend slightly and then we start to see a warmup for monday, tuesday, wednesday. creeping up to that 90-degree mark. so back to hot weather where we should be for july. it will be time to put coats way by the middle of next week. a great event this weekend to enjoy pleasant weather, art and wine festival in san anselmo. it's fun. so head out there, guys. let's go to gianna with traffic. >> ace train 7 minutes behind, train number one was supposed to arrive in fremont at 5:53.
5:55 am
again, so it's running a little late. but ace train number 3 is on time. rest of mass transit no problems. elsewhere south bay looking good. friday light both directions 280, light just a few cars on the road northbound as you head through downtown san jose. eleven minutes through there. 880/237 connector so far, so good. we are problem-free through that area. south 101 at washington and petaluma, we have an accident there. it's off to the right shoulder. no major injuries or anything like that. it's minor. chp is on scene to clear it. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. it is angry birds come to life. >> a lot of you have probably played the game except this is a blackbird and it's aiming for pedestrians in grand rapids, michigan. the little guy appeared to be protecting the nest swooping down on people who pass by. walkers had to duck and dodge but they had little success avoiding it. >> many years it's been going on the same type of bird.
5:56 am
they make their nests there. they are just protecting them. they don't hurt you. they just land on your head and give you a little tap on the head. >> yikes! that would freak me out. the moral if you are thinking about getting between a blackbird and its nest, think again because it will attack you. >> get out quick! >> yeah. >> smart blackbird. it is 5:56. in the next half hour, collision on the runway. two delta jets collide in boston. we'll take a look at the damage and how it happened. plus, police say that he grabbed a picasso and ran in san francisco. now we are finding out it may not be the first time. what detectives found in this suspect's apartment. they are filming the sidewalks, the streets and everything that goes on. talking about some new security cameras in oakland. we'll tell you about the unveiling coming up next. i'm anser hassan live in moffett field. coming up, a rare opportunity to talk to a local astronaut on board the space shuttle atlantis on the shuttle's final
5:57 am
mission to space. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
astronatuts forced to little sle if you walk by or drive through, they will know. the area taking no chances with public safety. what wind wrong with the astronauts and what they have planned today. "good friday" morning. it's july 15. i'm grace lee. >> say that with a little extra kick in your step. i'm elizabeth wenger. frank is o time now 5759. -- training is off. time now 5:59. let's go to traffic and weather. >> 60 in san francisco, oakland 65. san jose and concord low 70s but plenty of

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